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Gathering Ideas

So how do I transform this space from dark, desolate, and dilapidated basement into a fun, welcoming, and eclectic space? Good question. Thank God for Pinterest! Creative and resourceful friends. Plus investigating funky, vintage spaces, or antique fairs. Here are some inspirational finds.

Sure, these aren't book displays but the arrangements and items are undoubtably cool. I'd love to sell unique items like these along with books.

A few days ago, I was in Cleveland. I went to Appletree Books. What a wonderful independent bookstore! I found all kinds of ideas there. The owner said each unique display item had a story. How cool is that? And, that's how it should be. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to mine for details but I snapped some photos. I love the ornate carved piece that looks like it's from a church juxtaposed with the kids' books. Even the table and stool on the blue desk is unexpectedly interesting. I wish I could find some bookshelves like those on the right with spiral accents. Don't you wonder where these lived originally? And, wonder what stories they could tell?

The other cool thing about this bookstore was their stairs. What an inviting path to new adventures. Just like the books they hold.

While the Lee Mansion space has stairs from the first floor to the basement, they are super steep and a bit precarious. Don't worry. They will be rebuilt but I'm not sure what they will look like. Maybe I could paint them like this. If that works out, what books do you think I should paint on the stairs?

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