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Reader Spotlight 


Every month we'll highlight a reader in the Great Lakes Bay region and learn more about them, their work, and their reading life. We'll also discuss books and share a conversation about their journey.

Read on to learn more about Rebel Co. owner, Lauren Husen, and a little about her journey.

Lauren with her husband, Matt.

Where are you from/where do you reside? I am originally from Saginaw. I live with my family in Hemlock now. 


Who do you call family? My husband, Matt. Three sons Hunter, Hayden and Sawyer. Along with our pup, Scout and 10 chickens! 


How long has Rebel been in business? I started what would become Rebel almost 10 years ago. Eight years as a brick and mortar. 


What are you most proud of about your business through the years? That I’ve been able to keep it alive and growing within my home community. I love Saginaw and I’ve been lucky to pair up with so many talented creatives for the markets and events over the years. 


You added a companion business in 2022. Tell us a bit about why you opened Happy Go Lucky Gifts. My husband and I wanted to create a fun, nostalgic atmosphere where families could come in and find a treat or fun gift for a reasonable price. 


You have held a spring and fall market. What was the biggest challenge for those events? The biggest reason for celebration? 9 years! Actually, markets came before Rebel did. I’ve been so lucky to host almost 30 large-scale indoor and outdoor events over those years and I’ve enjoyed them all. The biggest challenge is definitely weather with outdoor events and just always trying to balance vendors, displays, buying for my own booths, advertising, design… we do it all ourselves, so it takes an enormous effort! 

What inspired you to make a change this fall and shift to only holiday events? My family  My boys are now in the ages of sports and activities. I wanted to be fully present and there for every game, meet, banquet. Doing the fall market always took away from that, so I decided to expand Christmas while they’re between sports! 

How will the holiday markets be different than the holiday markets you've held in the past? 

They will be larger! We have expanded into another ballroom and added more vendors. We will be on our second year at Horizons Center, so we have made some tweaks to last year’s layout and we are more prepared to handle traffic flow. 


Is there anything else you want to add about the holiday events? I just really want to thank everyone who comes out to support. Bring a friend, bring two! We’ve got so many talented local vendors to showcase. Buy local wherever you can this season! 

What holiday book or book you've read over the holidays still reminds you of jolly days? My reading list probably seems odd for a woman of my age  I typically read a lot of non-fiction or biographies. I love history. For me, fall is all about the natural aesthetics. So, design is where my mind goes. Currently I’m reading Establishing Home by Jean Stoffer. A fantastic designer that lives in Grand Rapids. Her love of family, entertaining mixed with her impeccable design style makes me want to redo everything in my home for the holidays. 

What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Stuffing! (Thanks mom for making me my own gluten-free version!) 


What are you most thankful for this year? My family. I’m so blessed with 4 amazing guys at home to love! 

To learn more about Rebel Co. and the upcoming holiday markets, visit the Facebook page. Early bird tickets are available online and in store. A special discount, earlier entry time and more will be available with these tickets!

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