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Reader Spotlight 


Every month we'll highlight a reader in the Great Lakes Bay region and learn more about them, their work, and their reading life. We'll also discuss books and share a conversation about their journey.

Read on to learn more about the owner of The Vintage Greenhouse store and estate sales in downtown Bay City.

Kelli reading and Foxy looking on and listening.

Where are you from originally? Where do you reside now?  I graduated from Mayville in 1993. I moved around a bit after high school and now live in Vassar with my husband, Chris, daughter, Lily and four cats.


How did you end up in the estate sale business? It just seemed like a natural fit with my shop. We really enjoy meeting the families and love our customers. 

How long have you been providing this service? We have been running estate sales since 2019.

You owned The Vintage Greenhouse in Mayville before moving to Bay City. How long were you there and what made you decide to move? I was in Mayville for three years. It taught me a lot. Bay City has been a great opportunity. 

What's your favorite part of estate sales and operating the vintage store? I love my store. Howie, from Americana Antiques, kind of kiddie corner across the street, was so helpful with me moving into this building. I love the camaraderie of the business owners downtown. So much support of each other. And I love meeting the people. At estate sales. We have met some of the BEST people. 

What is the most challenging? Trying to get sales in the winter. We run like crazy people all summer and, in the winter, when business is slow in the shop, I’d love to have a sale to keep us occupied.

What is the weirdest item(s) you've found in your estate sale career? Oh…. So many treasures. I love the throngs that take a lot of research to even figure out what it is. We’ve sold everything from combines to taxidermy, cars to tools. I LOVE hoarder sales

How would you describe the store? The store suits my ADHD. Very well. It’s eclectic. Antiques. The bookstore. Boutique. Locally made. Gifts. Plants. 


What are you looking forward to this spring/summer/year? Time on the boat. Always time on the boat.


Who are some of your favorite authors? recent favorite books? Lately, I’ve been on a Holocaust kick. We went to Amsterdam last April and was able to go in the house where Anne Frank lived for almost three years. It’s sparked an interest. 

What else would you like readers to know about your businesses? We so appreciate our customers. Whether it’s your first time in or we know you by name. We so appreciate you. And, we ship.

To learn more about The Vintage Greenhouse, follow the store on Facebook and Instagram or visit the website. And, better yet, visit the store at 925 N. Water Street in downtown Bay City.

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