About LPB


Andrea Richmond - Proprietress

For as long as I can remember, I've been enthralled with making things better.


This fascination has taken many forms. From graphic design to marketing communications, account management to copywriting, and personal and professional improvement to community development, I've been most fulfilled when objects and life are more organized, more creative, and more connected. And, when I'm able to play a part in the transformation, it's even better.


I love unleashing the best in people both in myself (when I can get out of my own way) and others. That love has served me in many ways. It has also led me to this point. Inspired by my love of reading, the purpose of this endeavor is to connect people of Saginaw to inspiring and informational books, uplifting events, and each other. 

Here's to serendipity!


Andrea's Top Picks