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Reader Spotlight 

Every month we'll highlight a reader in the Great Lakes Bay region and learn more about them, their work, and their reading life. We'll also discuss books and share a conversation about their journey.

Read on to learn more about Linsey, books that made an impact to her, and more. 


What’s the best part about operating dawn of a new day (DOAND)? 

The people! I truly love our customers. I love meeting people from all backgrounds and always working to find something we have in common. 


DOAND celebrated its 17th year in downtown Saginaw, which is quite an accomplishment. What do you attribute this success to?

We coming up on 18 years in May 18th! Aside from our supportive customers, our ability to problem solve and adapt to change. During Covid, we never complained about the restrictions. We just went with the flow, made changes, and got it work. 


It was opened by your mother Dawn Goodrow. How does it feel to carry on this community-focused business that she started?

A privilege. I’m so fortunate that I have the support to keep the coffee shop open. 


What interesting observations have you had working downtown? What do you want to say to those who haven't ventured downtown in a while or ever?

Believe in your city. Support your city. There’s so much to offer Downtown! A wide-variety of foods to try, the theaters, farmers market, museum, library, even shoe repair! How nice is it that you can grab a coffee and walk to the museum and grab lunch from a local restaurant, all within three blocks? 


DOAND has really expanded its menu to have a full lunch offering. What’s your favorite menu item? Is there anything in particular you’d like to note about the menu?

My new favorite menu item is the Otis: oven roasted Turkey, carmelized onions, house-made spinach and artichoke dip, organic greens, served on grilled sourdough. 

A warmer day on the sidewalk outside the coffee shop at 210 S. Washington Avenue in downtown Saginaw..

What is something about the coffee shop people don’t know about?

We’re convinced Arthur Hill haunts the building. 

The coffee shop and I share a birthday! Dawn opened DOAND on my 16th birthday in the Bearinger Building. We moved to our current location and opened its doors on March 25, my grandma and great grandma's birthday! 

What book(s) have inspired you and why? 

The Little House on the Prairie series: my dad bought me the series before I could walk and read it to me. It has inspired me to read and respect books. And now as an adult, they inspire a more simple lifestyle. 

The Elements of Personal Style: I originally borrowed this book from the library, it has helped me understand personal style and how one develops identity through clothes. 

And lastly, Open Book by Jessica Simpson is as a very raw look into mental health and healing. 

What are you most looking forward to in 2023?

My word/phrase for 2023, is All-In. I’m going to put myself into everything this year, including myself. I’m going to say yes to as many opportunities that present themselves to me and make the most of everything. I’m looking forward to joy and healing, finding inspiration everywhere and being present. 


We’re kicking off the Spark! Book Club at DOAND with a romance for the month of valentines. What was the favorite book you read last year? 

My favorite book was The Newcomer by Mary Kay Andrews. It was the perfect beach read! 


Any upcoming events you’d like to note?

Spark! Book Club of course! 


Although no concrete dates set, I’m looking forward to implementing some of our past events and fresh ideas for DOAND. 


Favorite quote?

I’m not interested in whether you’ve stood with the great; I’m interested in whether you’ve sat with the broken.  

To learn more about DOAND, check out the Facebook page. Then go grab some delicious coffee and lunch! 

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