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Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Like everyone else, I've been pondering and re-evaluating next steps for the bookstore. Where? When? How? It consumes my days (when I'm not working on my full-time marketing communications gig) and my nights.

While I didn't get to participate in nearly as many pop-up events that I intended or wanted to, I did get "out there" - Saginaw, Midland, St. Charles and Auburn. And, I talked to people who love books as much as I do. People who are thrilled at the idea of an indie bookstore in the area. People who were excited about the book selection. And, curious about local artist's work that I offered. Plus, people who explored and purchased books from my online bookstore (that also gives a percentage of sales to all affiliated indie bookstores), which I opened in March when the pandemic took hold.

All of these experiences, while fewer than I hoped, give me hope for my bookstore dream. I'm beyond grateful for the support, interest, and help from new and long-time friends and family. I'm energized and still as excited as I was at the beginning of this journey that began two years ago. I didn't think it would be this long of a process but detours are to be expected and I'm learning to enjoy the ride.

So, what's next? More pop-ups? Definitely. More frequently and in more locations throughout the Great Lakes Bay region. And, speaking of ride, possibly a mobile book store. It would make carting around books and such much easier and fun. Think of a leopard-y version of a FedEx truck filled with great book escapes, artwork and vintage treasures. Wouldn't that be a surprising thing to spot?

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