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Putting Myself "Out There"

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Having a dream is one thing. Working toward it is another. Standing tall and saying, "This is my dream" is something different all together. People see and hear your idea. They commit it to memory. They remind you of it even if you're so over it. And, that's a good thing because it will get you to your goal.

As an introvert embarking on this journey, I've done a pretty good job reaching out to people that I hope to work with down the road. Yay, me!

Next up, going farther "out there." And, I did. With a book club - Ladies Love Lit - for the women who belong to GLBR Women in Leadership! Here's the proof! I'm hoping my WIL sisters will join the bookish discussion on "The Female Persuasion". Sex, lies, power and more. It should be an engaging conversation.

Women in Leadership are amazing ladies even with the few impressive people I've met. I'm looking forward to meeting some more great gals and learning about tomorrow's session on Counterintuitive Leadership.

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