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Driving time brings inspiration

Updated: May 10, 2020

2018 was a big year for books for me. During an August road trip to the Newport, Rhode Island, my daughter and I filled our journey by exploring podcasts. One stood out - What Should I Read Next? with Anne Bogel - and filled me with inspiration. I was so excited to listen to Anne talk to her guests and curate a book list for them, that I became even more obsessed with books than I already was. (And, by obsessed I mean wandering bookstores, buying books but not reading near as many as I purchased.)

And, after listening to her guests share their reading habits and goals, I decided I should set a reading goal, too - 12 by the end of the year. It doesn't sound like much but it was the end of August and work was getting really busy. I was excited to dig in and make progress.

For year's, I have been jealous of friends that were in book clubs. I was secretly hoping someone would invite me to join theirs. But, alas, no one did. Listening to the guests on Anne's podcast also gave me the gumption to start my own. I was thrilled when seven amazing women agreed to join this book-lover's adventure.

What Should I Read Next? shifted my life in more ways that I realized.

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