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Planting Seeds

They can be so tiny. The smallest seed in the world comes from an orchid - the Gomesa crispa - in the tropical rain forest. These seeds are only 1/300th of an inch (85 micrometers) long, which is below the resolving power of the unaided human eye. But within this microscopic spec lies beauty and, oh, so much burgeoning potential.

It's the same with us only magnified a thousand fold or more. One kind word. One small step. One decadent donut. One invigorating run. One change in approach can forever shift the course of our lives. It's a little scary when you think about it. Just how much a seemingly unimportant decision can impact our lives. That's why being intentional and planning for how you want to see the future unfold is so incredibly important.

That's one reason why I decided to build and install a Little Free Library (LFL) in my yard. You already know I love reading, buying, and sharing books. Spreading the love of books and igniting curiosity about the impending bookstore is a perfect mix. Okay, so it may be a little self serving but the ultimate goal is to foster the love of reading and connect book lovers and this community.

My neighborhood's annual garage sale day was the perfect time to showcase my Little Free Library and include bookmarks that link to this blog. I'm so excited about this bookstore and want everyone to know even if everyone starts with 15 people walking through my neighborhood looking for bargains.

Problem was life intervened for me and my builder and my LFL wasn't finished.

Instead of scrapping the idea altogether, I improvised! After digging out my daughter's childhood storage crates from the basement, having said builder design a "roof" and signage, and constructing the "building," I was in business. I placed some free and sale library books in the "house" and kids and adults stopped to investigate AND take some books home. And, the folks I talked to about the bookstore were excited! Yippee!!

Is there a Little Free Library near you? No matter where you live or are, you can find out by visiting the LFL site. What genre of book would you hope to find?

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