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Making It Official

There comes a point when a dream can become more. But, that requires faith and action. This the point when you have to put on your big girl panties and step into your future. I suppose I should be nervous or scared or worried. I'm not though. I feel at ease because I feel it is meant to be. Hokey? Yes. A bit naive, perhaps. But confident this bookstore endeavor will come together in an amazing way.

It already is. Along with my vision and belief in my purpose, I am blessed to be surrounded with a group of incredibly intelligent and talented women, who are a stellar support system.

I've also connected with various successful booksellers - Literati in Ann Arbor and Books & Mortar in Grand Rapids - and other experts, who are sharing their insights and steering me in the right direction. Sure, I know opening a business takes a hell of a lot more than that but I'm being a sponge, and moving forward.

And, it's getting real. Nothing will make it seem more official than being recognized by the IRS. I have an employee identification number (EIN) so the bookstore is legit.

Now, I'm too legit to quit. Can't to see what's coming up next. How about you?

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