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Searching for Treasures and Repositories

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

My mind has been spinning since I first walked through the Lee Mansion. How many books will fit in the space? Where will I put them all? Bookshelves, sure, but how many? Where am I going to find funky, vintage furniture? Sure, I found some keepers at The Stable early on but I've been on a mission ever sense. It's easy to get sucked into estate and garage sales (and online shopping). Believe me, I know. But sometimes you find goodies that you must have. Like this colorful shelf sans the dishes, funky leopard goddess lamp (love!), and peachy-keen chairs.

And, then there's the question of where do I put the furniture? Sure, I have a floor plan to figure it out! I borrowed a tape measure and jotted down the length of the walls. But then I gave it back and later realized I didn't get everything I needed. So I improvised. With my shoes. Wall lengths varied from 3 to 15 shoes long. Good grief! I haven't calculated my shoe into inches or figured out where furniture goes or how many shelves I need but I'm pondering.

Aside from all my notes, you can see the layout of the bookstore. The entrance is at the top. The right side of the drawing is on Washington Avenue. Thinking and planning for the layout (and shopping, of course) is one of the the fun parts. Know of any great estate sales?



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