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Figuring It Out

What's "it" you ask? Just about everything when creating something out of nothing. In this case, I'm referring to what this bookstore is going to be called. A business' name is, or at least can be, so powerful. It communicates your vision before people see the space. It must stand the test of time. It needs to draw people in (literally and figuratively). And, as a entrepreneur, you need to LOVE it.

I knew I wanted a unique name because of the historic space. But, having a name that was eclectic and different is part of my brand. It also needed to be memorable and intriguing. It needs to reflect my vision for the bookstore, hint at what to expect with the aesthetics of the space, have a historic flair and communicate that this will be more than a place to buy books. A tall order.

Some of my initial ideas... Lit & Lore, Manuscript & Muse, Storytellers. A good start. Just not "it." Thankfully, my bookstore brain trust was ready to jump on the naming bandwagon and provided many more including ideas related to the last residents - Rosemary DeGesero and her pet leopard, Chichu (shown below). Chichu's Books.

Hmm, unique, for sure. It had significance to the space, especially since Chichu's pen was in the basement of the Charles Lee Mansion, where the bookstore will be located. Something wasn't quite right... I liked it but didn't love it.

And, then inspiration! Well, actually, the exact name was delivered right into my email box. Someone involved with the space said, "How about Leopard Print?" Whaaat?? (head swivels and locks on screen) Leopard Print as in the pattern on the wild feline... Leopard Print like foot prints on the ground... and, of course, Leopard Print as in print books. Purrfect!

What do you think of the name? Grrroovy?

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