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Digging In & Getting Out

There's no better way to prepare you for what you need to do than just pushing up your sleeves and stepping into the task. Even sweeping up debris can provide insight into how something works, what something or someone needs, and even who you are. I was fortunate enough to have my daughter and some of our friends join me to volunteer at The Charles Lee Mansion and push dirt we did.

It was great to be able to show them the space I've been talking about for months and hear some new ideas that came up from being in the space.

From sweaty and dusty to polished and professional, being an entrepreneur encompasses that and everything in

between. A few days later, I attended the Women in Leadership monthly luncheon. The topic - fearless networking. While I know I can improve in that capacity, I don't feel nearly as nervous, unsettled, or worried about it now as I did when I embarked on being a life coach 15 years ago. Older and wiser? For sure. I firmly believe it's because I am on the right path and totally in alignment with what I'm meant to do.

In fact, I wished I had held a different sign instead of "I am a DREAMER." For once in my life, I feel brave and completely capable of the work I'm embarking on even though it's all pretty foreign to me.

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