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Inspirational  Podcasts

I'll admit it. I just discovered podcasts in the summer of 2018. I'm not sure where I was but clearly I was missing out! My world opened up when I found a plethora of programs - wonderful stories, inspirational endeavors and fascinating discoveries. Oh, and books, books and more books! 

Here are my favorites. Some of which have changed my life or made it better. 


What Should I Read Next? hosted by Anne Bogel

Discovering WSIRN during a road trip to Newport, RI, altered my thoughts on books, inspired me        to start a book club, and put me on the path to finding and following my passion. Thank you, Anne!

From the Front Porch hosted by Annie B. Jones 

Kudos go to Anne again as I heard Annie on the WSIRN podcast. This is a down-home good time.            Full of interesting conversations related to reading and owning a bookstore, From the Front Porch        makes you feel like you're kicking back with sweet tea and listening to good friends.

The Librarian Is In hosted by Frank Collerius and Gwenn ​Glazer

Brought to you from the New York Public Libraries, this is a fabulous show that gives you insite into life in NYC and behind the scenes in a large public library. Frank and Gwenn are great hosts that pull you in to the conversation whatever it may be. 


Good Life Project hosted by Jonathan Fields

Inspiration fills every episode of Good Life Project and bubbles up through unexpected and diverse      stories. Jonathan is an engaging host whose path is built around finding and following your               


The One You Feed hosted by Eric Zimmer

Based on a famous parable, this podcast explores how realizing your potential is linked to where you put your effort.  


How I Built This hosted by Guy Raz

An engaging look at how people from all aspects of business reached the pinnacle of success.


StartUp hosted by Alex

A fascinating look behind the scenes of a variety of business start up. Learn everything from frustration to funding to fruitful outcomes. 


Rise hosted by Rachel Hollis 

A weekly pep talk by your personal cheerleader that has built a mega successful business empire. 


99% Invisible hosted by Roman Mars

Unusual topics are elevated by the smooth voice of Roman Mars and the research that makes these      stories difficult to turn off.

Satellite Sisters hosted by the Dolan Sisters

It's like having coffee with your sister or best friend. Listen to the latest current events, life happenings of the sisters, and tips and tricks to live life more fully. 

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