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Stepping Back in Time

Sometimes moving forward means going backward. These steps in reverse aren't always a bad thing but are often necessary to get your footing and perspective. Sometimes the Universe clears the way to opportunities if you're open to them and paying attention. I've been working on being open to the signs provided. And, things have been happening. I'm grateful that these steps backward recently have been to days of time gone by and a space that has been crying for salvation.

The Charles Lee Mansion is looking better every day. It makes me wonder, how many years have these dusty, weathered floors been waiting to shine? Oh, the stories they could tell - both during its heyday and falling in to disrepair. It's so ironic how buildings mimic life - step forward and back, healthy and sick, dull and lifeless, and sad and cheery. Both require devotion, tender loving care and a little (or a lot of) help to thrive.

Once refinished though, these floors will anchor the space and again feel the steps of people reminiscing, learning, dreaming, and making positive memories.

After initial discussion with project manager for the Charles Lee Mansion, these first floor spaces were under consideration for my new endeavor. I was excited. I was planning where to put the furniture, how to organize the space, mentally visualizing how I wanted it to look and feel.

Even after envisioning these stripped rooms in their former grandeur, I wasn't completely sold on this space. Was the 486 square feet, two room space big enough to get this off the ground? It seemed palatable for a book-selling newbie. But, was this location the best spot for a bookstore? Would it get enough traffic? Could I sell enough books and gifts to pay for my expenses? I wasn't sure but I needed to figure it out. What do you think?

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